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Dedication to Local

Supporting Your
Favorite Local Businesses

30Off Deals sprouted from a means to give back to our community in the Monterey Bay as a means to help small or local businesses expand their marketing presence in new ways than paying any one lump sum toward a marketing budget. Utilizing advanced web strategies to build up this platform, we effectively help build the presence for all of the brands we work with. We strive to connect the people of the peninsula to local businesses through some of the greatest deals around, benefitting customer and business alike.

Benefits to Businesses

Gift Cards to Ad Dollars

Businesses benefit from the platform in two ways. Rather than spending money on paid digital ad space, businesses offer gift card credits to be sold here in exchange for our efforts to help promote businesses through organic and paid digital ads. Our goal is to show businesses how invested we are by putting our own money where our mouth is! By finding 30Off Deals through our various digital channels or by a friend, the businesses across our platform benefit from knowing their advertising budget is gaining attention for their business, bringing in old and new customers alike!

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I get my order?

Your gift certificate will be available to print or present digitally at each partner business immediately following your purchase.  An order confirmation will be sent to your account email address with PDF attachments of your certificates.

Can I re-print a certificate?

The attachments in your order email will allow you to print the certificate more than once.  However, we recommend that once you make your purchase you print it out immediately and keep it in a dedicated space- a folder or desk drawer for instance- to minimize confusion over whether or not you have already used a particular certificate. NOTE that while a certificate can be printed more than once, it may be redeemed only one time. 30OffDeals.com certificates are tracked when they are redeemed. Attempted repeated use of a gift certificate or other fraudulent behavior will result in penalties and possible ban from 30OffDeals.com.

How does 30OffDeals.com work for me, the buyer?

Your full-value gift certificate is “as good as cash” for all products and/or services provided by the business. And yet, you paid 30% less! For example, a $20 gift certificate to a local restaurant gets you $20 worth of food- but you only pay $14 for it! In the rare case of exceptions to this rule, any usuage restrictions are clearly noted on the merchant’s product page.

Do I have to print out the certificate?

Often, but not always, the certificate can be used by displaying the PDF Gift Certificate on a mobile device. We highly recommend you print the certificate as our partner businesses are best equipped to accept printed certificates.

Can certificates be used towards a tip/gratuity?

No. As the business gets advertising in return for certificate sales, it works great for them- but there is no cash value that would make it a worthwhile tip for a hardworking employee!

How does 30OffDeals.com work for the business?

Businesses with gift certificates on 30OffDeals.com receive cash into their advertising bank each time a certificate for their particular business is sold. In effect, this allows local businesses to “trade” goods and services to pay for their advertising on our radio stations and newspapers. That makes it a great deal for you, AND for them!

When does my gift certificate expire?

Gift cards in California never expire. In the event a gift card is purchased and a partner vendor goes out of business, please contact our team through our contact page and our team will investigate the situation and a refund may be processed within a week of the initial contact form submission. 

Can the certificate be used towards the alcohol portion of my bill at a restaurant?

Yes. The cerftificate is what is being sold to you at a discount- no discont is being made on the alcohol itself, so no one is running afoul of ABC laws in any way.

Can I use more than one certificate at a time?

Yes! You can buy as many certificates as we have in stock or as many as are indicated on the specific product page. You can use them to receive a 30% discount off your purchase at whatever place of business you visit, whether a $100 meal or a $1000 lawnmower. Rare restrictions are noted on the product page on 30OffDeals.com.

What happens if I close out of my shopping cart and can't find my order for my personal record?

An email will be sent to you from info@30offdeals.com with a record of your order number, billing/shipping address provided, card used, items purchased and total.

Can I return an unused gift certificate?

No, sorry.  All Gift Card sales are final.

What happens if I try to use my certificates and they are rejected at the place of business?

All gift cards are as good as legal tender and should be either in the business partner’s point of sale system as a gift card code. We will do our best to make sure this does not happen, but if your 30OffDeals.com certificates are rejected either because of a conflicting promotion or discount, or because it is unrecognized by the employee, please contact us immediately at info@30OffDeals.com. We will resolve it to your satisfaction immediately.

What happens if my certificates are lost or stolen?

30OffDeals.com is not responsible for lost or stolen certificates. Please remember all gift cards can are sent to your email on file or can be seen from your Account Dashbaord. Please take care to keep track of your certificates!

What do I do if I have an unused gift certificate to a business that has closed?

Email info@30OffDeals.com with your name, account email address and the gift card code provided.  Once verified, we will issue store credit for use towards a future, in-stock purchase or in certain cases provide a refund.


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